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M. Pence has a distinct addiction to fantasy, pink and glitter.

M. Pence’s short story, Worthwhile, written in January 2008  was given Honorable Mentions in the Strange Sights Short Story Contest run by artist Melissa Findley.  Sixteen Fingers was first published in a collection called Under the Stairs, by Divertir Publishing.  It is available for purchase via Divertir’s Website or from Amazon. She was featured on February, 2013 in 30 Writers Re-Discovery: Volume XIV by LadyLincoln.

M. Pence has been writing flash fiction, free verse poetry, science fiction and fantasy for nearly twenty years. Her most beloved genre is fantasy. It was through role play and a place called  The Red Dragon Inn that she began believing that perhaps she might have some small talent with words.  Some of her first works in free verse poetry have been featured in various poetry forums such as Lady Snow’s Library, Arcanum Cafe, The Critical Poet, Galadrial’s Respite, and Friendly Musings, just to name a few.

Her writing spirit and imagination remains firmly in the grasp of a twelve year old with a palette of unending crayola markers.

Someday when she grows up, M. Pence hopes to be able to make painting with words a career choice. Her side hobbies include being an internet addict, blogging, flitting from MMORPG to MMORPG, gaming and streaming. She owns four cats, five birds and one husband and lives in Narnia’s Sweaty Arm Pit (also known as Florida.)


On her writing:

“A grinning and twisted twittering pink sparrow of a writer, Mel will oh so delicately pop open your brain pan with nail clippers and a mallet, launching an organized attack of words that she has so carefully marshaled together, dusted, dressed, shuffled and sometimes painted in pink glitter, and sit back to watch with big round eyes. Because you are part of what she writes.

Though she insists she is a Maven of All Things Pink, it is not unusual to find Mel heaving the boulders of the desert; building worlds of barren beauty, creating horror out of the clay of her mind. She is skilled at creating moods and themes, and working her characters through their plight in the flash of a fiction.

Essays on real life are thought provoking and studded with a child’s view contrasted to a world weary adults, and carry a calm and lasting impression.

And don’t let all of that fool you, either, when she writes game reviews, her thoughts on the world at large, or even her experiences with a fiendish cold, she does so with a rapier wit and the full on sense of belly laughs that go on for hours.

Mel, Melly Jelly Beans, Beautiful Mel. Go read what she shares here. You will find enchantment.”

Deanne Smith

“Reminiscent of Neil Gaiman, but prettier and with Moar Epic.”

(Sorry Neil! I still think your hair is awesome)
Goose Lee

Your stories are pure poetry, Mel. Every word is a splash of color I can taste all the way up in my sinuses. I can’t wait to get my hands on your first published book and make sweet, sweet love to your literary genius with my eyes.

Stacey Miner