When you can’t run, you crawl. And when you can’t crawl–

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Heart_Stock_by_SilaynneStock“–You find someone who can carry you.”

Life is difficult, for everyone.  We each struggle day-to-day with our issues and problems. We have bills. We have loss. We have joy. We have love, we have each other, or we have just ourselves to lean on. Financially, it’s tight for a lot of people I know and love. They’re struggling to come up with mortgage payments, car payments and groceries.

Imagine, however, this: you’ve always struggled. Your whole entire life has been a struggle. A struggle to get out of a place that poisons you. Away from a situation that may have broken you. Imagine the strength and the self-will, the pride it takes and breaks—to get out on your own and find your way. Imagine that, now you have a loved one. You have a child. You have a friend that offers you a home to rent and while things were never, ever perfect—you think, “Finally. A step in the right direction. I can do this.”

And then imagine everything that could go wrong, does go wrong. The house you live in continuously has issues. The only car you were ever able to afford, breaks. You get into an accident that leaves you striken with pain. Your loved one cannot work. Your child desperately struggles to help but life isn’t going to cooperate. You finally get a job and while you know you shouldn’t: you can’t help but feel sympathy for those around you fighting to do the same as you: get out of this mess. Stand up. Stand tall. Stand proud. So despite the fact you don’t know how you are going to pay the rent, get another car, afford to fix the house that’s falling around your head or where the food is going to come from….You open your house to those who need you. Without question. You give them a place to sleep when sleep at their home isn’t an option. You give them a meal to eat when their own family wouldn’t give them the time of day.

And then imagine this….after all is said and done, that “friend,” who let you live in that house for over a decade says, “oops. Sorry. We sold the house. You have a month to find a new place to live, k, bye.”

You are the only source of income for everything. For everyone.  You work at a minimum wage job that some teenagers would curl their lip up at.

What do you do?
Who do you turn to for help outside of your family?
How do you even ask for help, when all your life it’s been your pride and your strength that’s carried you so far and you know, now, that it can’t carry you any further.
You’re out of everything.
So with your pride biting your heels and screaming louder than your empty belly you go and you ask someone for help. Someone you don’t know very well but they offer the smallest, most insignificant little branch of hope that maybe, may be able to help.

I am the smallest branch, and I want to help. Everything you’ve read above is what I know, as accurately as I know, of a situation one of my online friends is currently in. She is desperate. She is frightened. She is part of the circle of people I’ve known for a long time: running around in the role play community The Red Dragon Inn, I know her from Facebook. I know her from Christmas cards. I know her in that strange way you know online people even though you’ve never met them face to face.

And I am asking for help, for her sake. For her family’s sake. For her pups and her kids—she has one month to find a new place to live, and she has no idea where to go. What to do.

So on June 28th, 2014, I will be doing my best to help in the form of a 24-hour blog-a-thon @Pinkatron2000.2phatgeeks.com. For 24 hours I will be sharing her paypal email and my own (if you’d rather donate to me directly and have me pass it on to her) and asking for donations for her to try and do what little I can to help.

EVERYONE WHO DONATES may request or tell me WHAT TO WRITE A BLOG POST ABOUT. When you donate to me directly, there’s a place where you can enter a small note to the donation. Please put what you would like to see me blog about on the 28th of June there. If you donate to her paypal directly, please do the same—hopefully she’ll be able to send me your requests when she has time. I’ll even give a shout out to the donator, and if the donator would like, I’ll happily link them to one of their personal websites in thanks.

You can begin donating and suggesting topics for me to blog about at any time. I will begin writing on 3PM EST time on June 28th and hope to make it until 3PM EST the next day, with at least a blog post every hour. Depending on the frequency, I may blog far more. It’ll be up to the generosity of people like you. So please, help if you can. If you can’t donate, please retweet, reshare, pass the link around, post on your facebook, post on your forums, post in your journals and social sites. Anything to help.

It’s not much. It’s not great. But it’s the best I can do to help someone out who deserves so much more for surviving all that she has, and then some.


June 28th, 3PM EST I will be blogging for 24 hours for donations toward a friend who has 1 month to find a place to live for her family, who is the only breadwinner in the house with a minimum wage job and no prospects or ideas of how to do this without help. You may donate personally to my paypal, or directly to her paypal with a note of what subject you would like me to write about.

If you cannot donate, please help in any other way you can: by resharing this blog post across any social site you can.

HER paypal:  jchiccitt@yahoo.com
MY paypal: (100% of donations will go directly to her) elf_fu@phatgeeks.com

Thank you so much!  I love you all,


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