Warrior’s Scar, by Shawn Jones. Face-punching Science book!

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The Warrior’s Scar, written by Shawn Jones
Review by M.Pence.


“If your math is off by just whatever-the-fuck percent, I may find the chamber is on the moon.

Warrior's Scar, by Shawn Jones

Warrior’s Scar


Courtland Addison was a man who could say without a doubt he had seen and lived through hell. Court is a hard man to the world who knows what he must do and does it regardless. But he has a few small points of hope that keep him here on earth; keep him stable and reminds me that it’s all worth it. Right? Everything, the sacrifices, the accidents, the killing–it’s worth it for his beautiful wife, his mother-in-law and his father.

At least, I assume that’s what Courtland tells himself and what he believes, until all that he loves is torn irrevocably from his hands, leaving him an empty shell of what he could have been. Courtland goes from an obviously militarily trained warrior, a killer, but with redeeming qualities to having those qualities mercilessly torn away from him. What does that leave him? A warrior, a killer, but a man who no longer believes in his fellow humanity and wants nothing to do with them.  Courtland shuts down, withdraws and rebuilds a sanctuary filled with surveillance and the means to protect himself, all the while saying a giant fuck you to society.

Until one day a woman in a cream colored sedan has the balls and bravery to drive into his yard and propose something to Courtland that just seemed so perfect. A chance to leave everything behind him, since he really didn’t have anything left for him anyway. Of course, nothing’s as it seems. There’s the governments hands in everything and there’s a reason for them asking for Courtland specifically.

What sort of man so broken and so deadly was needed by the country in some top secret way?

Only time will tell.

Let’s start with what might turn you off about this book:

  • This is an action book through and through. You think your characters are gonna get a moment of peace but the author then says, “hahaha, nope.”
  • It’s a very masculine sort of writing for the book. I mean, yes, obviously it was written by a man who knows a lot about the military, but there’s a definite flavor of manly-man doing manly things. (Not a thing wrong with that either.)
  • There is violence and killing.
  • There are some adult topics covered
  • If you have or take issue with strong language, then you might take issue.
  • There is SCIENCE everywhere. This is a science-fiction book, so if sci-fi ain’t yo’ thang, then you should probably keep skippin’ right along. There’s several instances of technical writing and theory and time travel.
  • It has it’s usual hiccups for any beginner novel-writer. Some pacing issues and dialogue stutter with a bit too much back-story in some places. But I’m seriously not harshin’ on it, because it’s his first book. 


Now, why should you buy this book?

  • I’m going to state the first and obvious: though Mr. Jones has already released a second book in this series; this is his first book. Ever. Supporting a first-time author not only encourages them to keep writing–which in turn helps them grow, learn and write better–it means more books! More books that might fit your genre and needs.
  • Because I told you to.  Okay, that one wasn’t a serious point–
  • It’s fast-paced as all heck. Mr. Jones doesn’t leave the reader alone to settle in and get comfortable. There’s no time to take a breather here, you’re going to be put in the front seat and there’s gonna be some fuckin’ explosions. Better hold onto your reading blanket.
  • Time. Travel. Hellllooo?
  • Action, action, action!
  • A lot of great detail to the entire science of it all.
  • A wolf. Time traveling wolf!

Warrior’s Scar is an exclusive purchase via Amazon.com and you can get your digital download for your Kindle, buttercups, right here: Warrior’s Scar: The Warrior Chronicles, by Shawn Jones. It’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, however if you love Sci-Fi, if you love quick paced punch-in-your-face action, if you like time travel and you like books…Well you’re pretty much set for all of that and more. Check it out!


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